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We have Laptop Chargers for PCs & MacBooks
Also Video Cables & Adapters • USB Charging • USB -C
Solid-State Drives & More

We do magic with computers

We can install a 500GB solid-state drive in your Windows 7 or 10 computer for $150 keeping all your files & apps. It will run faster than ever. Guaranteed!

Lenovo ~ Dell

Lenovo IdeaPad Solid-State-Drive - $449 - Ready
Lenovo IdeaPad SSD 4G RAM $449 - Ready to Go!
Lenovo IdeaPad - Windows 10 Intel i3 SSD $449

We Stock Chargers for most Laptops - Call or Stop In

MS Surface Pro
MacBook 2012 & Before
MacBook Pro 2012 & Later
Dell Laptop Chargers
HP Laptop Chargers
USB-C 30w Charging Station

We Have LaserJet Printers - HP, Canon

What can a backup power supply do?

Save you from losing files
Protect your computer from power surges

Extend the life of your computer
Give you some peace of mind

Easy, Fast Shopping - Friendly, Informed Service

Save steps & time

Our Products are Tested and Approved. Manufacturer Warranties Apply.

Accepting Credit/Debit Cards, Checks, Cash

Visa - Mastercard - AmEx - Discover - Debit - Checks - Cash

Computer slow crawling got Hacked ate your files talking trash won't wake up ??

Fear Not
the Wizard is in!

Products we Like & Sell

Stop by & let us explain why.
ASUS Laptops
Very nice
DELL Laptops
Very cool - powerful - small
Such a great design. Energy efficient, quiet and swift.
Colors - Charming
Who thought laptops could make a fashion statement?
HP Laserjet Printers
HP is a leader among printer manufacturers. Highly recommended.
Need a Charger?
There are so many different types. We may have the one you need.
Fastest Drive Ever - SSD
It's true, solid-state = no wait
We upgrade Windows 7 to 10 with SSD and it's amazing

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