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We repair just about any issue with desktop or laptop computers.
We service all brands; Dell, HP, Compaq, Lenovo, Acer, Asus, Toshiba, Apple, etc.
Typical problems are slow performance, virus and malicous programs, failed Windows Updates, no internet, broken laptop screen, broken hinges, loss of sound, unexplained quirks, aggravating pop-ups.

Schedule a consultation on how to best approach this challenge. I'll  tell you what works best and how much it will cost. Blue Ridge Computers can help with hosting your web site, acquiring a domain name and setting up email accounts.
The Short List of Services We Offer
Backup Your Files Repair "No Internet" Reload Windows
Upgrade Memory Replace iPhone/Android Battery Floppy Disc Recovery
Replace Failed Hard Drives Upgrade Video Cards Install Wireless on PC or Laptop
Awesome Websites Email Accounts
Software Setup Password Recovery MacBook Repairs
Apple Computer Repair Repair Windows 10 Updates Repair Microsoft Outlook
Upgrade Video Diagnose and Repair Sound 
Some computer manufacturers preload what we call "bloatware" which are nothing more than trial versions of apps that you'll probably never use. We know which brands stick to the basics without all the useless extras. Stop by and let's talk about what your goals are. We can match you up with the right computer at a savings!

Tim says, "Happy to assist you"


Our average charge for software fixes: $79
If we reload your Windows Operating System (XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8, 10 or Mac OSx): $79 plus fees for reinstalling printers and 3rd party software (Microsoft Office, Quickbooks, etc.) If you can't provide the program CD, we'll help in finding it online and downloading it. Microsoft Office: we have most older versions on disc and can recover the product key if needed.
We always save your files; pictures, documents, videos, emails, etc. You lose nothing but gain a computer that runs fast like it did when it was new.

Hardware means "the parts the computer is made of". A computer has these parts: Motherboard and processor, hard drive, power supply, memory cards, DVD-CD drive and a cooling fan or two. Some may have additional add-on parts like video, sound, network cards.

Any of these parts can fail or cause unpredictable performance. These parts are affordable and average between $20-$80. Labor charges for part replacement rarely exceed one hour.

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